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Call Jim Egan today at 800-777-3647 to see how he can improve your home environment for both you and your dog. Let his 22-years of Dog Fencing experience give you and your dog the freedom you BOTH deserve..

You want to keep your pet safe and happy in your yard without worry. Your Western Mass Dog Fence expert, Jim Egan, can help you achieve that goal. His 22-years of Dog Fencing and Dog Training expertise provides a proven path for success. Just read the testimonials Jim has received from his satisfied clients.

Jim believes success in Dog Fencing services rests on three principles of excellence: (1) provide the best equipment and materials, (2) thoroughly train the client and the dog to ensure a sustained, successful outcome and, (3) follow-through with the entire client base to provide truly outstanding customer service.

Remember, not all electric dog fences and dog fence companies are created equal. Jim relies on the state of the art electronics provided by the Contain-A-Pet brand. And, because Jim is a dog training professional, he can evaluate each and every pet based on their personality and temperament to insure a fast, humane and safe adjustment to your installed system.

Contain-A-Pet of Western Mass is so confident that we can achieve success with you and your dog that we offer a full one-year pet containment guarantee on each Contain-A-Pet dog fence installed. All we ask is that you follow our guidelines. We are the first and the only underground dog fence company in the World to offer such a guarantee.

Let Jim meet you and your dog. Let us show you what we can do to improve the quality of both your lives.

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Give me a call. See what I can do for you and your pet that no one else can. The estimate is free. There is no obligation whatsoever. I promise you will learn something about your dog you didn't know before! My number is 800-777-3647.

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