My Dogs Love Their Freedom !

I hired Jim Egan and Contain-A-Pet 3 years ago to create an electronic
fence for my two dogs: a Lab and a Catahoula Leopard. The system is
great for it gives them freedom of our large yard, including a creek to
swim in. The Catahoula loves to run and this allows him to do so safely.

No electronic fence is a substitute for regular exercise, but it truly
does give you and the dogs a daily freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

Jim gave me excellent detailed, written and personal training
instructions that work superbly … even with my adventuresome Catahoula!

Jim always came promptly if I had any problems and did his
best to solve them. Contain-A-Pet was kind enough to replace a receiver
when I inadvertently tightened the battery holder too much by using a
screwdriver in lieu of a quarter.

I am very happy that I decided to
install the system.

Dawn O-M
West Hatfield, MA