Happy Dog Fence Client

I am the owner of a Jack Russell Terrier and had been searching for
fencing that would be easy to install, maintain, look nice on my
property, but MOST OF ALL, keep my dog safe/contained. I have been told
that this particular breed of dog is one of the hardest dogs to fence

I had been given Jim Egan’s name by a woman who had him fence in a
large piece of property for her boxer many years ago and she said he was
the best in this line of work that she had found. Jim responded
immediately to my phone message, came to meet me and my dog, looked over
my property, made suggestions and got back to me in a few days with an
estimate that I felt was reasonable.

The installation went smoothly and Jim spent time with my dog and me for
a “training period” with the new fence. He made sure that I was
comfortable with what I had to do with my terrier, left written
instructions, and he was only a phone call away for questions.

This electronic fence is wonderful. We don’t have to mow around, wash or
paint it. It is basically maintenance free. On occasion, we check the
power box to make sure the light is on. I feel confident that when my
terrier is out, he is safe and knows his boundaries. I don’t have to
worry about him digging under or climbing over. This was a good
investment for my dog and me!

Jackie A.
Warren, MA